One of the most unique dining concepts in Kuwait can be experienced at the UGrill restaurant which is inspired by the Geneva-based Charbonnade restaurant concept.

Our forte is the restaurant’s unique grill embedded on each table for diners willing to grill meat as per their taste and palate. The do-it-yourself setting creates an entertaining cooking interaction that is enjoyed by friends and families alike.

UGrill is not only the first restaurant in Kuwait that offers live grill menu but it also features contemporary ambience and a relaxed atmosphere created by the lighting, colors and intricate decor.

The allure of meat cuisine at UGrill which serves a rich variety of freshly-delivered meats, such as USDA Prime, wagyu beef, wild game meats, poultry and seafood is one of the most important ingredients in the UGrill concept that has turned it into a gourmet destination par excellence.

What is teasing the tastebuds in UGrill are the classic steaks and prime cuts presented in thin slices in special house made marinades, family-sized appetizers and fresh salads.

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